Leave No Car Behind is the service that brings you a driver to transport you and your vehicle home in one trip. Gone are the days of needing a tow or retuning to retrieve your vehicle. With Leave No Car Behind service, we drive your car and you as a passenger to the destination of your choice.

How It Works

Download our mobile app today and take four easy steps to getting you and your car to safety.

Step 1 – Book your trip – through the mobile app, you fill out the request form and a Leave No Car Behind team will come to your location.

Step 2– Fast and efficient, make payment for your trip right in the mobile app

Step 3 – Fill out the forms in the app to show the condition of your car before we drive you home and after you drive you home.

Step 4 – Ride home in the comfort of your own car and rest easy that you don’t have to summons another ride to retrieve your car at a later time.